Electric Stoves


  • Convenient & Easy Installed
  • Realistic Flame Effect
  • No Flue Required
  • Lighting Without Heat
  • Different Background Lighting Effects

Information on Electric Stoves

Electric Stoves are the more convenient option and have gradually over the years become more popular, with manufactures who have invested in the look, as well as the technology inside. As a result many of these carry the same cast iron look, with finishes matching theses of the multi fuel types. The end product from this, is a much more appealing and elegant looking Electric Stove.

In addition they usually have built in LED lights that give off a realistic flame as well as the background lighting effects. These can create the perfect ambiance in any room, and with one touch of a remote, heat can be added. The fast-localised heat they provide can emit up to 2kw, which should heat most rooms.

Above all with Electric Stoves there is no need for a flue and it can be safely installed instantly on a level surface such a modern or tiled floor. The only installation required is plugging the stove in.