Nothing can add such warmth and ambience to a room like an inglenook. Besides being a fantastic centre piece, open fires provide additional heat and a lovely glow to your room. DP Fireplaces and Stoves provide a wide variety of styles and designs such as traditional open gate, to wood burning fires and embedded stoves which can be built around.

When you choose handmade inglenook rather than standard items you buy of the shelf, you are investing in something that compliments and fit in with the design of your room. These types of fireplaces were traditionally defined as a chimney corner and would have been the only means of cooking food, drink and providing heat to the house. Nowadays we tend to think of inglenooks as big enough to house seating, storage as well as the fire itself.

Whether you want to restore an old chimney or have a custom one built, its important that you seek the right information regarding modern building regulations and to make sure you chimney is performing correctly. This is where we at DP Fireplaces and Stoves proudly offer a complete solution from site surveys to installation and maintenance.